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Curing paralyze Empty Curing paralyze

Post  Gawainn on Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:19 pm

As far as we know there should be 3 ways to cure paralyze.

-1. You heal with an instand healing spell or healing rune

-2. You cast a haste spell.

-3. You wait.

The third way is never an option, well it is if you feel like getting killed.

The other two should be working fine, well I got no complains about the haste if you cast or another spell that boosts your speed its gone. This is just not a good thing to do in wars, casting haste instead of healing while you already lost a turn due the fact that you are paralyzed? No thanks.

Now there's 1 option left to discuss, healing. Healing to get rid of paralyze is bugged in this server. When you cast an instand healing spell while being paralyzed it will only cure if you actually stop moving. If you do walk while healing the effect stays. During hunting this can be anoying when doing quests (DHQ to name one) or having a shitload of monsters on your ass, in these situations you rather dont stop moving. However this bug is the biggest killer during wars, I mean if youre paralyzed during a war you either dont heal a turn to get rid of it (while you already missed a turn!) or you heal and get swarmed by a crap load of enemies which will be your death eventually aswell.

So since this bug is extremely anoyinig for all vocs (except mages using manashield, they'd cast haste anyway) I propose it gets fixed as fast as possible.



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