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Post  Chaotic Saint on Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:05 am

This is a Thread for Role Players to make up epic tales of their tibian adventures so Role Players strap it on and write some stories (who knows the best stories may be rewarded)

Chaotic Saint

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Role Playing Empty The Beginning...

Post  Chaotic Saint on Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:56 am

[center]From the depths of Hell and the graces of Heaven were born the Children of Havoc Lucifer himself met a young Angel by the name of Angelika and so the story begins...

One faithful day in abyss that seperates Heaven and Hell Lucifer and Angelika went to battle each other for a fight between Heaven and Hell but neither would suffice so in the End Lucifer saw something in Angelika and saw that he could easily lure her into believing he loved her and could later betray her to gain control over Heaven. After Centuries of planning Lucifer ended up getting Angelika Pregnant with Triplets and so Lucifer's plan was unfolding when the 3 children were Born the were burdened with the last name of Havoc and Lucifer saw the great power they would hold as they had the power of Holiness and Evil...

Angelika also saw this unfound power and decided secretly to send them away so their powers could never join together but Lucifer found out about her plan and in a great fury he sent a death wave right through Angelika but with her last remaining strength she banished the 3 children apart...

Angel Havoc she sent to Heaven to guard the gates
Saint Havoc she sent to Earth to maintain the balance of good and Evil
Devil Havoc however Lucifer grasped by his soul and he remained in Hell to rule the underworlds.

But as fate would have it in a Battle in Heaven Angel Havoc and Devil Havoc met up and were fighting each other with fierce strength and in a final blow produced by both of them they both fell to Earth where Saint Havoc rushed to see what was going on and as he got ready to strike a spirit appeared...

It was Angelika she explained what had happened and how they were brought to this world and why they were separated but however she did not have enough power to send them back to where they came so with her last bit of soul left she sealed Lucifer in Hell to never return and Saint,Angel, and Devil Havoc together with immense powers flowing through each of them as they were meant to be together and as things progressed they decided it was their turn to rule... they were going to take over the world of Dazar...

To Be Continued....
Flamers Welcome....

Chaotic Saint

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Role Playing Empty Part 2

Post  Hammer-Aha on Fri Dec 12, 2008 3:55 pm

As previously explained the Havoc's had decided it was there turn to rule the World of Dazar and there for declared war against all parties who got in there way. To let Dazar know the Havocs were not to be messed with they decided they had to do something big and spent countless days and nights thinking of what they could do...unfortunately it was decided for them. Whilst Saint Havoc and Angel Havoc was fast asleep Devil Havoc couldn’t so decided to gain some levels for when the war started. Whilst hunting the lands of Demona Devil Havoc could sense a predator approaching and so prepared herself for what ever was about to happen. The little light Devil had ran out before the predator made him self known. It was so dark Devil may as well have had a blind fold on. Before she knew it her health was dropping...she was under attack. Within seconds of being attacked Saint and Angel Havoc had woken up and was on there way to Devils aid. Never turning down a fight Devil attacked back and stood her ground whilst her comrades came to help. When Saint and Angel arrived the Predator witch could only be described as a Giant panicked and tried to run but with there immense powers and skill the 3 manage to trap and kill the Giant. Furious about what had happened the Havoc's made a comment towards the World of Dazar that read...

Even though we may be out number 5 to 1 We Havoc's never turn down a fight. We will always be the first on the battle field and the last to leave. We do not wish to harm you but get in our way and we will...let this be a lesson to you all.

After that the Havocs went on a rampage! They began to drop everything and everyone who tried to stop them. Even though the Dazar became very dark and cold almost like a ghost town with no-one in site slowly but surely Dazar was becoming a better place and the sun was starting to shine through the dark misty fog thanks to the Havoc's

The people of Dazar named those dark days Havoc's Revenge.

To be continued....


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